Ricki Lake is a TV legend, but before that, I simply call her my friend. It’s a bit of a name drop, but it’s straight up wild that someone I grew up watching on television is now someone that I can text when I’m feeling sad. But that’s who she is. Before any of the accolades as a TV host, actress, film producer, or celebrity, she’s a humanitarian first. It showed in the night we connected at SXSW, it shows in the love she gives the world, and it especially shows in the work she’s done most recently.

Lake and her production partner, director Abby Epstein, have been on a mission with their series The Business Of films, including the 2008 documentary The Business Of Being Born, and her news project, The Business of Birth Control. Both documentaries provide an internal look at many of the health issues women face in the world. In addition to their activism for women, Lake and Abby have also highlighted issues in cannabis with their documentary Weed the People, now on Netflix. Read the full story HERE