Cannabis extract manufacturing and consumption has come a long, long way since folks first took knife hits off their kitchen stoves. Originally, hash was first devised hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago somewhere in Central Asia. But in just the last 15 years, hash evolved into novel, more refined products like waxes, shatters, crumbles, sauces, and rosin. Further still, advances in technology mean we can now dab solvent-free oils with portable, battery-operated devices, something that was unheard of just a decade ago.

Nikka T, whose legal name is Nick Tanem, saw this solventless technology develop from its infancy. That’s because he’s one of the first people to ever make it on a commercial level. 

Nikka T, who owns and operates Essential Extracts, didn’t always make high-end ice-water hash, though. He got his start as a reggae DJ in the Bay Area back in the 2000s, where he learned how to market himself at the street level. His moniker — a nod to the reggae artist Rocker T, as well as a play on his own name — then carried over into the fledgling cannabis industry, where he began experimenting with making dabbable extracts on par with butane and propane-extracted products, minus the use of volatile, flammable solvents. 

“I coined the term ‘solventless’ for dabbable water hash before it existed,” Nikka T explained to MERRY JANE by phone. “I’m blessed to have been here from the very beginning stages of this.”

Currently, Nikka T resides in the Bay Area, but he travels the country — and the world — consulting new businesses on how to make primo ice-water hash. To learn more about America’s rich dab culture, which now has global reach in 420-friendly countries such as Spain and the Netherlands, we spoke with him about the scene’s origins, his revolutionary contributions to the industry, and where he believes the technology will take us in the near future.  Read the full interview HERE