In a conversation with Eric Danville for the January, 1995 edition of High TimesJoey Ramone explained why pot should be legal and hard drugs should not. We’re republishing the article to celebrate what would have been Joey Ramone’s 69th birthday on May 19.

This is not the story of a survivor. And it’s not the story of a comeback, either, because Joey Ramone never really went away—he just went back in time.

Ever since the Ramones released their first album in 1976—full of short sonic bursts that brought much-needed excitement to a world full of kids and ultimately helped change the face of rock ‘n’ roll—they’ve done more than just break musical barriers. Going from the dingy halls of the Bowery’s CBGB, where the graffiti and the attitude are both an inch thick, to South American football stadiums and the cheers of 50,000 adoring fans, they’ve crossed cultural, racial and international barriers as well. Read the full story HERE